UKPHA - 13th annual public health forum
UKPHA - 13th annual public health forum UKPHA - 13th annual public health forum UKPHA - 13th annual public health forum
UKPHA - 13th annual public health forum
UKPHA - 13th annual public health forum
5- 7 April 2005 - The Sage Gateshead - Newcastle Gateshead

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Tuesday 5 April

11.30 Opening and Welcome:
Prof. David Hunter
Chair of the UK Public Health Association and Professor Health Policy, University of Durham

Healthy Environment - Healthy people;
the links between sustainable development and health
Jonathon Porritt Chair, Sustainable Development Commission

Health and Environment Protection - the impact of pollutants on human health
Dr Vyvyan Howard Head of Developmental Toxico-Pathology Research, University of Liverpool

Lunch, exhibitions and fringe meetings

14.30 Parallel Session A:
A1 - Tackling health inequalities 1
A2 - Child and family health 1
A3 - Role of local authorities
A4 - Environment and health
A5 - Preventing fuel poverty 1
A6 - Promoting physical activity 1
A7 - Transport and health
A8 - Public health at regional Level
A9 - Health impact assessment 1
A10 - The future of public health
A11 - Promoting mental health 1
A12 - Sustainable development 1:
the role of the NHS as an organisation
A13 - Tackling obesity 1

16.45 Parallel Session B:
B1 - Tackling obesity 2
B2 - Promoting workforce capacity, skills and standards 1
B3 - Child and family health 2
B4 - Tackling inequalities at national level
B5 - Health equity audit
B6 - Promoting mental health 2
B7 - Promoting health through the arts 1
B8 - Role of local authorities 2
B9 - Health impact assessment 2
B10 - Preventing fuel Poverty 2
B11 - Preventing alcohol misuse
B12 - Sustainable development 2:
Community involvement

18.30 Civic Reception, with drinks and a buffet at Gateshead International Stadium, co-hosted by the North East Assembly and Gateshead Council

Wednesday 6 April

09.00 Plenary Session: Public Health - the choices to be made
Dr John Reid
, Secretary of State for Health, England

The Future of Public Health in England after the White Paper
Dr Fiona Adshead
Deputy Chief Medical Officer, England

Concurrent Sessions:
Debate on the implications of the White Paper for the Public
Health in England
Global Health
The European Public Health Challenge
Devolution and Public Health
Community Leadership
Complexity Theory and Public Health Leadership

Speakers to include: Prof. Ilona Kickbusch, European Council for Global Health; Dr Graham Lister, Nuffield Trust; Prof Randall Peterson, London Business School; Prof David Hunter,University of Durham.

10.45 Parallel Session C:
C1 - Implications of the white paper on public health for England: Debate
C2 - Global health
C3 - The European public health challenge
C4 - Devolution and public health in the UK
C5 - Community leadership workshop
C6 - Complexity theory and public health leadership

  Lunch, exhibitions and fringe meetings

13.45 Parallel Session D:
D1 - Promoting workforce capacity, skills and standards 2
D2 - The role of public health Nurses 1
D3 - Building evidence systems - The role of public health observatories
D4 - Preventing Domestic Violence
D5 - Community participation & development 1
D6 - Promoting older peoples' health
D7 - Housing and health 2
D8 - Tackling health inequalites 2
D9 - Tackling obesity 3
D10 - Health impact assessment 3
D11 - Reducing the prevalance of smoking 1
D12 - Promoting black and minority ethnic health
D13 - Promoting mental health 3: Preventing suicide

16.00 Parallel Session E:
E1 - Promoting strategic partnerships
E2 - Role of public health nurses 2
E3 - Tackling health inequalites 3
E4 - Promoting physical activity 2
E5 - The future of health promotion
E6 - Promoting uptake of benefits through primary care
E7 - Promoting men's health
E8 - Community participation & development 2
E9 - Tackling obesity 4
E10 - Promoting workforce capacity, skills and standards 3
E11 - Helping the homeless and preventing drug misuse
E12 - Promoting sexual health 1
E13 - Reducing the prevalence of smoking 2

19.00 Confernece Dinner

Thursday 7 April

09.15 Parallel Session F:
F1 - The public health challenge for PCTs
F2 - Promoting workplace health
F3 - Tackling obesity 5
F4 - Evaluating healthy living centres 1
F5 - Preventing heart disease
F6 - Addressing inequalities in health care
F7 - Promoting health through the Arts 2
F8 - Health of refugees, asylum seekers and gypsies
F9 - Promoting workforce capacity, skills and standards 4
F10 - Housing and health 1
F11 - National programmes to promote health eating in schools
F12 - Promoting sexual health 2
F13 - Maternal and child health 1

11.30 Parallel Session G:
G1 - Pharmacy and public health
G2 - Evaluating healthy living centres 2
G3 - Tackling obesity 6
G4 - Maternal and child health 2
G5 - Preventing communicable disease
G6 - Promoting lesbian, gay, bisexual (LGBT) health
G7 - International public health
G8 - Promoting sexual health 3
G9 - Social capital and health
G10 - Part 1: Crime and health
Part 2: Health in prison
G11 - Promoting health through the arts 3
G12 - Promoting patient and public involvement
G13 - Preventing cancer

13.15 Lunch, posters and exhibition
14.15 Final Plenary Session

The Art of Good Health:
Sir Kenneth Calman, Vice Chancellor, Durham University (formerly Chief Medical Officer for both Scotland & England) Sir Kenneth has lead a major national movement to involve the arts and humanties for the benefit of health and medicine.

The Future of Public Health:
Professor Peter Littlejohns, Clinical and Public Health Director, National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE)
Presentation of video summary of delegates and expert views on the future of Public Health
16.00 Conference Ends

The Sage Gateshead


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UKPHA- 13th annual public health forum
UKPHA- 13th annual public health forum
UKPHA- 13th annual public health forum