UKPHA - 13th annual public health forum
UKPHA - 13th annual public health forum UKPHA - 13th annual public health forum UKPHA - 13th annual public health forum
UKPHA - 13th annual public health forum
UKPHA - 13th annual public health forum
5- 7 April 2005 - The Sage Gateshead - Newcastle Gateshead

The UKPHA is an independent, UK wide voluntary association, which brings together through our membership, individuals and organisations from all sectors, who share a common commitment to promoting the public's health.

As a multidisciplinary organisation we seek to promote the development of healthy public policy at all levels of government and across all sectors. We act as an information platform and aim to support those working in public health both professionally or in a voluntary capacity.

The UKPHA Mission

Our mission states that through our members, activities and co-operation with others, we aim to be a unifying and powerful voice for the public's health and well being in the UK, focusing on the need to eliminate inequalities in health, promote sustainable development and combat anti-health forces.

UKPHA Definition of Public Health

Different organisations have different definitions of public health. At the UKPHA we believe that public health:

  • is an approach that focuses on the health and well being of a society and the most effective means of protecting and improving it.
  • encompasses the science, art and politics of preventing illness and disease and promoting health and well being. It addresses the root causes of illness and disease, including the inter-acting social, environmental, biological and psychological dimensions, as well as the provision of effective health services.
  • addresses inequalities, injustices and denials of human rights, which frequently explain large variations in health locally, nationally and globally.
  • works effectively through partnerships that cut across professional and organisational boundaries and seeks to eliminate avoidable distinctions.
  • relies upon evidence, judgement and skills and promotes the participation of the populations who are themselves the subject of policy and action.
UKPHA Priorities

Our three key priorities concerning public health are:

  • Combating health inequalities - working for a fairer, more equitable and healthier society
  • Promoting sustainable development - ensuring healthy environments for future generations

Challenging anti-health forces - promoting health-sustaining production, consumption and employment. Collaborating with businesses to promote socially responsible and healthy products and services.

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The Sage Gateshead


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UKPHA- 13th annual public health forum
UKPHA- 13th annual public health forum
UKPHA- 13th annual public health forum